August 13, 2008

Say Hello to McCain’s Little Friend

Ralph Reed

Ralph Reed

Ralph Reed, former head of the Christian Coalition, will host an exclusive event in downtown Atlanta on Monday to raise some cold hard cash for John McSame. This is a big money fundraiser, so the candidate himself will attend. Ralph’s list of accomplishments include swindling big money from an Indian tribe for his buddy Jack Abramoff, getting arrested for trespass inside an abortion clinic, lobbying for Enron in a deal brokered by Karl Rove, and (last but certainly not least) orchestrating attacks on candidate McSame in the 2000 (r)epuke presidential primary. The attacks on McCain included allegations that he conspired with his Viet Cong captors. Why would McSame now embrace this angry little man with a checkered past? Because John McCain is no “maverick” these days, and he’ll do/say/forgive anyone or anything just to get elected. It’s sad to see the once principled McCain sell himself out to the crowd responsible for destroying America.

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