August 3, 2008




The Sunday morning shows will be giving more than enough attention to the “drilling issue”, I suspect. It’s all over the w(r)ong wing wackosphere and that is usually a precursor to any concerted campaign effort. Unfortunately, what’s on the mind of the far right still holds weight with GOP strategists. Too much weight. If one were to look at the facts and scientific estimates, he or she would see that this drilling “issue” isn’t an issue at all, simply another bizarre fear button for the GOP to push. (Much like the social security “crisis”). The projected benefits including lower gas prices and less reliance on foreign oil are minimal. We are ignoring the inevitable. Like a drunk buying that “last bottle”, we are denying the urgency of the problem and hurting ourselves in the process. We will see no immediate impact- no “benefit” will be gained until 2017. Shouldn’t we be less reliant on ALL oil by then?

The “drill it dry” mentality has swept across Repukesville. It’s all they talk about. Their arguments question why anyone might be skeptical about this oil boom that’ll lead us to the promised land. It’s as if they believe that we are on the verge of some major discoveries, when all reputable estimates say that we’re not. I mean, it’s great that these people have such an optimistic outlook and can do spirit. But when you look at some of what these folks believe in, it can get downright scary. Much of the gang still believes global warming is a “hoax”. You can count them in for more exploration. Some also believe that the end of the world is near. It’ll be the showdown of Arabia, they tell me. I guess these people figure that since our days are numbered, screw the environment. They’re on board. My favorites of the gang are on the biddness end of it, though. They’re in for the cold hard cash and they craft the propaganda campaign that the gen pub (r)epukes are fed. “Scientific” data touting the bonanza to come once those drills hit the ground. More “scientists” doubting global warming. And Joe republican voter buys it. And somehow Obama seems to as well. Craziness.

Paul Krugman with the scoop…

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