August 3, 2008




The Sunday morning shows will be giving more than enough attention to the “drilling issue”, I suspect. It’s all over the w(r)ong wing wackosphere and that is usually a precursor to any concerted campaign effort. Unfortunately, what’s on the mind of the far right still holds weight with GOP strategists. Too much weight. If one were to look at the facts and scientific estimates, he or she would see that this drilling “issue” isn’t an issue at all, simply another bizarre fear button for the GOP to push. (Much like the social security “crisis”). The projected benefits including lower gas prices and less reliance on foreign oil are minimal. We are ignoring the inevitable. Like a drunk buying that “last bottle”, we are denying the urgency of the problem and hurting ourselves in the process. We will see no immediate impact- no “benefit” will be gained until 2017. Shouldn’t we be less reliant on ALL oil by then?

The “drill it dry” mentality has swept across Repukesville. It’s all they talk about. Their arguments question why anyone might be skeptical about this oil boom that’ll lead us to the promised land. It’s as if they believe that we are on the verge of some major discoveries, when all reputable estimates say that we’re not. I mean, it’s great that these people have such an optimistic outlook and can do spirit. But when you look at some of what these folks believe in, it can get downright scary. Much of the gang still believes global warming is a “hoax”. You can count them in for more exploration. Some also believe that the end of the world is near. It’ll be the showdown of Arabia, they tell me. I guess these people figure that since our days are numbered, screw the environment. They’re on board. My favorites of the gang are on the biddness end of it, though. They’re in for the cold hard cash and they craft the propaganda campaign that the gen pub (r)epukes are fed. “Scientific” data touting the bonanza to come once those drills hit the ground. More “scientists” doubting global warming. And Joe republican voter buys it. And somehow Obama seems to as well. Craziness.

Paul Krugman with the scoop…



  1. STRONG/INTELLIGENT WOMEN…where is Hillary when we need her??? We’re in an unfortunate situation with the political choices at hand! Just my opinion…of which I’m sure you’ll agree, I’m entitled. :o)

    Upon entering Congress in 1987, Representative Nancy Pelosi quickly became part of the solid California front against oil drilling along much of the nation’s coast.

    “We learned the hard way that oil and water do not mix on our coast,” Pelosi told a key committee in 1996 as she made her case for keeping the ban in place before a Congress then controlled by Republicans.

    “The president of the United States, with gas at $4 a gallon because of his failed energy policies, is now trying to say that is because I couldn’t drill offshore,” Pelosi said in an interview. “That is not the cause, and I am not going to let him get away with it.”

    Comment by SoMuchToDo! — August 5, 2008 @ 2:43 am | Reply

  2. The only energy or oil monopoly in this country is a governmental institutionalized monopoly on our country energy market. The legislative branch has been engaging in anti-competitive energy practices from drilling to building new refineries and much more. They are in clear violation of the

    “Sherman Antitrust Act
    This Act expresses our national commitment to a free market economy in which competition free from private and governmental restraints leads to the best results for consumers.”

    Clearly the governmental restraint are in violation of a free market economy and is criminal negligence on the part of the liberal politicians who are the real cartel that profit in taxes more then 3 to 1 to the oil companies that actually work for their money and then have to pay taxes on top of that. So when Oil profits go up the tax revenue increase is 3 times that of the oil companies. So who do you think is the real cartel???

    This criminal incompetence of the democrats and legislative politicians anti free market energy economy in allowing American companies to meet American Oil needs is in need of change and with bush opening up offshore drilling it is time that we conservatives take a page from the left wing play book and for us to us the judicial system in upholding our laws and open up drilling.

    Why dose the Senate call for investigations on big oil? Because they are trying to transfer the blame off of them by placing the blame on someone else. By placing the blame on the oil companies and keep people from seeing that government is the true problem they are able to offer false hope in an effort to gain more power and money from taxes while eliminating a free market economy in our country and forcing us to send our money to unfriendly Middle Eastern countries.

    Why should we drill?
    1) Create more high paying jobs for Americans
    2) Become energy independent and stop sending $700 billion to middle eastern countries that support terrorism
    3) Invest the $700 billion in America
    4) $700 billion is 6% of the yearly US economy, and investing this in America would do what to our economy? Lower inflation and strengthen the US dollar?
    5) Instantly drop the price of oil because oil Speculators like me would invest in commodity producers that provide the product like Exxon, Chevron, BP, Shell, because this is the smart investment. When Oil Speculators transfer investments the Oil price falls on the stock market.

    Comment by jeff roensch — August 6, 2008 @ 12:57 am | Reply

  3. SoMuch- Get over it, sister. Hill is out. She has a bright future ahead of her but for now our candidate is Obama. If you believe in Hillary Clinton’s politics, you should have no problem voting Obama. Presidential primaries are muddy contests. It did get a little touchy there for awhile. But if you asked Hillary Clinton whom you should vote for, I assure you she would say Barack Obama.

    Jeff- That’s an interesting take on things that you present. I don’t understand this part-
    “The only energy or oil monopoly in this country is a governmental institutionalized monopoly on our country energy market.”

    The gubment controls oil prices? Do they own the oil companies?

    And the 3 to 1 tax reference. I’m unfamiliar with this statistic. Please explain. Thanks.

    Comment by deciders — August 6, 2008 @ 10:04 pm | Reply

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